This anime is set in the vicinity of Tokyo, and the story starts off with a bang. The plot kicks off when two possible terrorists manage to make off with a nuclear warhead from an outskirts nuclear plant, working as a part of the staff for cover. Of course, the government of Japan can’t very well make the news public for valid reasons, and so instead brings in the CIA to help solve this international crisis.

The scene then shifts to Tokyo, to the two high-school genius students who
happen to run into a girl being bullied by other girls, and rescue her from them, in a pretty unorthodox way I must add. But unbeknownst to the world, these two guys are the ones behind the robbery of the nuke. A few days later, they release a video on a popular video-sharing website (similar to YouTube) about a terrorist attack, which is going to be carried out by them in a popular mall in the city, using masks to conceal their identity. Then at the exact time, the attack is carried out by them, with all evidence eliminated by them timing a city-wide power-outage with the attack.


You’ll remember this…

The police, which didn’t take the matter seriously, thinking of the two masked
“kids” as attention-seekers, now start paying more attention to them. The two geniuses begin releasing a video every other day or so as a message to the police, informing them of possible terrorist attacks they might cause, but leave them cryptic clues to the locations of the bombs. What begins now is a tense game of cat-and-mouse between the police officer (who happens to be a crossword specialist) and the two youths. Without spoiling too much of the story, suffice to say that their interactions are amazing, to say the least. The story then progresses at a breakneck pace, and far as I am concerned, it managed to
combine the complexities of an anime like Monster (my favorite anime ever) with the breakneck pacing of Death Note, which is a formidable combination.

Also, there is a kinda-love track playing out on the side, between one of the youths and the girl they save in the beginning, but it serves only as a distraction, rather than adding any interest, as it seems forced-in. And this girl could pretty much be the reincarnation of Akane Tsunemori of Psycho-Pass, regarded by me and my friends as the anime version of Kristen Stewart, for all the expressiveness they have, or the lack of it. I got absolutely no idea what the animators were thinking with this character, who is at best only of moderate importance to the plot progression. She is the weak link of this anime, the only one, I might add. At least she isn’t everywhere in the anime, so that’s something, I guess.

On the whole, among all the new anime I’ve seen, this one is totally worth watching. I actually ended up binge-watching the whole show in a go. Awesome story, great visuals (on par with Tokyo ghoul S2), complex characters with hidden motivations, all combine to make this one of the best anime of the season of its release. It has the potential to even achieve cult-status like DN did. A must-watch, in my opinion.

RATING : 9.5/10.

– strong story
– great pacing
– complex characters in a believeable world
– visuals

– mediocre female character
– boring love track



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