So I’ve started playing DS3 a few days ago, and I’m going to post some bossfighting tips for anyone who’s interested and/or is having a hard time trying to figure out the best ways of fighting and defeating bosses. From my personal experience in the game until now, I’ll be posting tips on fighting individual bosses. The page will be updated daily, to accommodate for ever more of the bosses I’ll be facing in this brutal game.

Bosses covered :

Iudex Gundyr
Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Crystal Sage
Deacons of the Deep
Abyss Watchers
High Lord Wolnir.

Note : My playthrough of DS3 is that of a dual-wield mercenary, going for a dual-katana light/medium armor build. So please make some adjustments if necessary, to adapt my tips for your play style.

1. Iudex Gundyr :

He’s the first boss you’ll encounter in the game. Easy enough to fight the guy until you get him down to half his health, then he goes crazy, as is expected with all the bosses in the Dark Souls series. Just don’t forget the fact that he’s a left-hander after his health is below 50%, so dodge accordingly to his right side as much as possible from hereon. Shouldn’t be too tough.



2. Vordt of the Boreal Valley :

This guy was admittedly more of a pain to me than the other bosses till now. Died a bunch of times to him, and then killed the boss on my very first try of day 2. Go full aggro on this guy, and try to dodge into his person, so that you position yourself behind him after you come out of your roll. Especially after deleting him to below 50% of his health. Force him to perform his groundsmash by sticking to him throughout, especially in the latter half of the fight, as it is a much easier attack to dodge. Also beware his 3-dash combo, if you dodge sideways all the three times perfectly, you get a free shot at him while he charges up his icethrower (like flamethrower, but not exactly). You’ll either kill him in 3 minutes, or die in two. At least that was the case with me.

Debuff : Frostbite.



3. Curse-Rotted Greatwood :

Hit the tree in its eggs/mushrooms or whatever they are, as they are the only weak points on this boss. You’ll know them when you see them. Initially, the grunts will also try to kill you, so be more careful at the start of the bossfight. When you get the boss to below 70-75% health, you and the boss will fall into an underground chamber, and the secondary enemies will cease to bother you after this event. Concentrate on hitting the eggs on the boss, and be wary of the extra hand that sprouts out of the boss when you go into the underground chamber. There is a set of eggs on the boss’ back, too. And make maximum use of his strong attack, when he all-out falls on his stomach in order to crush you. When he falls down, he stays that way for about 10-odd seconds, use this time to hit his extra hand(which can also be hit to cause damage). Also, once in a while, he spills poisonous sap all over the ground near him. Do not approach him at this time, as the liquid slows your movement and does damage per second. He periodically drops his payload of poisonous sacs on his branches to injure you, but it’s very rare to get hit by them, so don’t worry too much about this attack.



4. Crystal Sage :

Most of the boss’ attacks are magic-based, except when you get in his face and stay there for too long. Beware his sword attacks, as they are pretty strong. But the spells arcing towards you can be dodged pretty easily. His more powerful attacks need some channeling time, and if you go full aggro at this moment, you can cancel his spell(s). After his health is decreased to below 50% though, he spouts a couple of doppelgangers, who vanish after taking one hit, but still have access to all his spells and attacks. This is when your awareness of all the crystal sages’ positions, along with the environment, comes into play. Also, I think only the real crystal sage can use the purple-colored spells, that should help with the matters some.



5. Deacons of the Deep :

This bossfight is basically a slaughter-fest against the zombified(?) skeletons and dead bodies that you would have faced (and killed) a bunch of times already. However, attacking just about any of them does not cause damage to the boss. The actual boss is hidden among all those zombies, he has a reddish aura around him. Attacking him is the only way any damage can be inflicted on the boss. The main zombie dies in 3-4 hits, but respawns in a span of 10 seconds or so. But do not totally ignore the other zombies, their attacks are moderately powerful, especially the spell-wielding ones are more of a pain. After reducing the boss to below 50% health, a mage wearing some distinct robes replaces the zombie. At least, you don’t need to search around for the new zombie to kill, anymore. But now the attacks from the grunts are more powerful, so some decent blocking/dodging is required.


6. Abyss Watchers :

This is where the definitive Dark Souls experience (read : frustration, helplessness, this is bs etc.) begins. He’s one of the four Lord Souls you must collect. He has a variety of attacks, all of which can put in a hell of a lot of pain on you. His 15-yard dash, followed by a barrage of fast-paced attacks, is the stuff of nightmares. Pretty hard to dodge his attacks, but you should be fine if you are a sword-shield guy. Also, there are two more of the Abyss Watchers who spawn during the fight, and sometimes you don’t really have to do much to cause his demise.


And then the second part starts…now the fight gets just plain hardcore. The guy’s sword takes on the aspect of fire, and even if you dodge his sword itself, you may still get hit by the arcing flame. Try to maximize your fire-resistance and conserve your stamina for dodges and 1-2 quick attacks. By the way, there are two greatsword wielding hollows near the bonfire close to the boss chamber whose fighting style is somewhat similar to the boss’. So you can practise a bit against these guys so that you can get used to the boss’ attack patterns, while farming souls at the same time.

7. High Lord Wolnir :

This boss is pretty easy to fight against, although given a chance, he’ll just one-shot you with an attack which has near-to-no counterplay. The boss has three golden bangles on his hands, and all you have to do to defeat the boss quickly, is to attack those bangles until you break them one by one. But one major pain is that he has a swatting attack which is practically undodgeable and will delete 40% of your health. Also, when he does his one-shotting attack, it’s best to back up as far as possible. Don’t get too close to him as he emits some sort of toxic fumes which will melt your health to zero faster than you can say ” Pentakill!” or something. Well, you get the drift.



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