In this post, we shall be looking at a few more of the game’s myriad bosses you’ll be fighting on your way forward in Dark Souls 3’s beautiful, brutal world.

Bosses in this post :

Pontiff Sulyvahn
Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
Old Demon King
Yhorm the Giant
Dancer of the Boreal Valley

1. Pontiff Sulyvahn :

This boss wields two swords, a curved sword of fire in his right, and a straight sword of the dark type in his left. When you head into the boss chamber, the first attack he’ll perform is a dash to your face, followed by a slashing attack with his curved sword. Roll away to one of his sides the moment you see him preparing to dash, as the attack is unexpectedly fast. During the fight, notice he uses his fire sword more often than his dark sword. Also with his dark sword, he only performs thrusting attacks, so they’re relatively easy to dodge. The thrust also leaves him vulnerable for about 3 seconds so you can get in a few hits on him. But most importantly, always dodge into his curved sword attacks, even though it is really tempting to dodge away from him. Dodging away makes you an easier target for the boss, and he will (sometimes) follow up with a 6-attack combo which can be escaped only by 4-5 consecutive rolls away from him, which will chunk your stamina down to 10%. Force the boss to use his dash-attacks by sticking to his right flank, as he’s relatively more vulnerable after dashes and tends to use his thrust more, for some reason.


Once you get Sulyvahn down to half-health, he summons an image to fight alongside him. Get in 2-3 attacks here and dodge away, as he does an AoE attack  when the summon is complete. But unexpectedly, the second half is actually easier, as the boss is less aggressive now. Once you get the boss and his image together (they generally stick together) after dodging/blocking their attacks, you can go in for a quick 2-3 attacks if you have enough stamina. Generally both the boss and his image perform the same attacks, so be wary of that point.

Far as gear is concerned, get high fire-resistance armor. Dark-resist may be unnecessary as his dark-type attacks are somewhat easy to dodge anyway. For weapons, use non-fire and non-dark weapons, as Sulyvahn is more resistant to those types.

2. Aldrich, Devourer of Gods :

Aldrich is one of the four Lord Souls you’re supposed to collect. The fight is relatively easy. He uses dark-type attacks for the first half of the fight, and uses some sort of a homing soul-arrow which is not too hard to dodge. Whenever he takes around 20% health damage, he goes underground and resurfaces elsewhere on the arena, similar to the Crystal Sage fight. But during his tunneling(so to speak), he does a dark attack which will chunk your health down to around 50%, so be wary, just get in 2-3 quick hits and roll away.

The second half of the fight, Aldrich starts using fire-type attacks and does AoE lava attack too. But the only attack to be really worried about throughout the fight, is his arrow-rain attack, which will potentially one-shot you. It has a distinct wind-up animation, and when you see it, dodge away to his back, or run away from him. If you’re caught in front of him in his proximity, you’ll most probably die, unless you have a huge health bar and decent magic-resist.


3. Old Demon King :

This boss uses attacks which are only fire-based. As such, use armor of high fire-resistance when going in. The fight is fairly simple, just try to keep rolling under him and keep poking him down. His basic attacks are mostly sweeping slashes which can be dodged that way. Occasionally he does an AoE lava attack, for which you’ll have to dodge away. Also there are two or three piles of dead bodies in the arena, use these to get some heat off you and heal up. Sometimes he also uses a fire-meteorite attack, just watch out for it when under cover behind those piles.


4. Yhorm the Giant :

Yhorm is one of the four Lord Souls you need to collect. This boss is more of a niche fight, than anything else. Once you enter the boss room, run straight across the room and collect the Storm Ruler(Greatsword) near the boss’ throne. Now proceed to equip the weapon and begin fighting. Although the weapon isn’t necessary to beat the boss, you’ll end up fighting a battle which will probably last around 20 minutes without it, that too, if you play clean.


After equipping Storm Ruler, enter Stance by pressing right trigger(RT). Now charge up the weapon until you hear(and see) a cue for the completion of the charge-up. Now attack the boss to deal a shitload of damage(about 20% of Yhorm’s max health) with a single hit. Rinse and repeat until his death. Be mindful of his attacks, his slashes deal about 40% max health damage until you are a hyper-tank already. And his other attack will one-shot squishier players. Once his health drops to 50-60%, he begins to use fire-type attacks also, but if you are decent at dodging and stick to his feet throughout, the complications will cease to worry you.

NOTE : Yhorm is the huge guy shown in the DS3 trailer for E3.

5. Dancer of the Boreal Valley :

This fight is triggered right after you defeat the third Lord of Cinder. You get teleported to the High Wall of Lothric, where High Priestess Emma resides(the lady who gives you the Lothric Banner in the beginning).  The Dancer has long legs, but doesn’t move around fast, as opposed to most of the game’s bosses. But do not underestimate her, she can move when she needs to. Most of her attacks are sweeping slashes with her fire sword, mixed with long-reaching slams. Be wary of her grab, if you linger in her face for too long, she’ll try to grab you with her free hand. And if she grabs you, get ready to strategize for your next attempt at the boss. Also, running away from her can keep you safe for only so long, she’s an excellent gap-closer, and has wide reach due to her skeletal structure. She uses an occasional AoE fire attack, which has a distinct animation.


When her health is down to 50%, she uses a dark/ash(?) type AoE attack and summons another sword. Now the real fun begins, as she’s a dual wield enemy for the rest of the fight. And you will now know why she’s called a dancer. Her dance of death is one to be admired and taken notice of, and getting caught in that combo is a sure-fire way of getting killed. When you see her dance, run as far away as possible and hope she can’t get to your position. But the overall strategy for the fight doesn’t change much. Keep kiting her the way you would in a MOBA game; one hit, roll, one hit, roll…And use those pillars; the way you use them will probably determine the result of the fight. A weapon with a long reach is ideal for the fight, as you’ll get in free hits on the Dancer while she’s just circling you, as she’s wont to do during the fights.


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