Some more boss tips for those of you who are interested and/or are having issues with them boss-fights :

1. Oceiros, The Consumed King :

This is an optional boss-fight, and the boss is found at Consumed King’s Garden. The boss is a sort of a failed experiment in turning himself into a dragon, so he looks somewhat like a dragon. Being a dragon, he’s especially weak to lightning-based attacks. Melee players shouldn’t have many issues against Oceiros, just keep dodging beneath his range, stay under his legs for as long as possible for free hits. He uses frost-type attacks, so some frost-resist is necessary for those infrequent situations where you have trouble dodging him. Initially, he uses his staff for melee attacks, in the second phase he ditches it for a more primal approach.  But the strategy remains more or less the same. Be wary of his dash attacks, though, as they can deal a significant amount of damage. But if you dodge it successfully, you get 3-4 free hits at him.


2. Champion Gundyr :

Champion Gundyr is an optional boss in DS3. He is similar to the first boss Iudex Gundyr, but this guy hits much harder than Iudex. His damage is all-physical though, so get armor with as high physical defense as your character allows, without actually hindering your movement. This is because movement is critical against Champion Gundyr; he moves pretty fast and has a bunch of gap-closers. Most of his attacks can be dodged with a bit of practice, though. But the real problem with this boss-fight is his kick; dodging behind him for a couple of quick hits at the boss is no longer as safe as before, he’ll sometimes just kick you off, and then follow up with his halberd to take a toll on your health and Estuses. So never let your guard down even if you think you’ve dodged his combo, because he may land a kick on you out of nowhere, just when you least expect it.


3.  Dragonslayer Armour :

This boss uses lightning-based attacks, so having armor with high lightning-resist and physical defense is necessary. DA uses a Great Axe empowered with lightning, and Greatshield. He occasionally imbues his Greatshield with lightning and uses shield-bash, so be wary of that. The good thing about this boss, is that all his attacks can be blocked, and his shield-bashes can be dodged pretty easily, as they have a clear visual wind-up, although the window is small. Keep dodging to his left and get in 1-2 attacks on the boss, until he uses a charged up shield-bash, which has to be dodged to his right. He’s good at gap-closing, so it is somewhat tough to maintain distance between you and the boss. There is a small fenced-up area of shrubs on the far side of the boss chamber, use it for healing up and catching a break to recover your stamina, while circling it to avoid the boss’ attacks. Occasionally, the creatures circling the arena high above will use some magic AoE attack, so be wary of that. You can’t do anything about them, so just concentrate on  the boss and start rolling when they attack.


4. Ancient Wyvern :

Ancient Wyvern is one of the optional bosses in DS3. This is what you would call a gimmick fight. The boss keeps breathing fire out at you if you linger near him for too long, but that isn’t even the point of this fight. You need to run off to his left and run up all the way up to a high place, and then jump down on his head to make a plunging attack. Doing that will cause a 1-hit K.O. on the boss. It is, in fact, a test on your speedrunning skills, as you will encounter a number of powerful enemies on the way. Don’t worry, you will see a number of hints all along the way to the perfect position to kill the boss.





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