Yep, here are the final bosses of  DS3. The truly painful bosses in this game. The two-phase boss fights, because we all love two-phase bosses, don’t we…

Lorian and Lothric
Soul of Cinder

  1. Lorian and Lothric : 

The boss fight starts off with you fighting Lorian, who is a cripple wielding a fire-blessed greatsword. The painful part about Lorian is his ability to teleport. The first thing you do when you enter the boss chamber; stand still for a couple of seconds. If you move forward in this space of time, Lorian will teleport behind you and use a slam attack, this is somewhat difficult to dodge. Instead if you stand still, he teleports to a neutral position, from where he can’t get at you. His slash attacks are pretty easy to dodge, once you figure out the guy, and also his other attacks too. The only issue is his ability to teleport around; he may teleport behind you or to one of your flanks, and attack, which is a real pain. Whenever you find yourself low on health, move out of his attack range and heal up; but don’t go away too far or he’ll start using his teleport plays again. Also occasionally, he teleports away from you and uses a charged lightning/magic attack which strikes in a line; dodge right when he’s about to slam down with his greatsword to escape. This is one of his potential one-shot abilities.

Lorian’s weaknesses : Lightning, Bleed. You can stagger Lorian with enough consecutive attacks, and then pull off a special hit dealing tons of damage.1459879487_dark-souls-3-lord-of-cinder-lothric-younger-prince

The second phase starts when you manage to defeat Lorian. After a brief cut-scene[a pretty touching one at that], Lothric also enters the fight, hanging on to Lorian’s shoulders. Now Lorian and Lothric are both at full health. This phase is much tougher, because of Lothric’s magic spells. They deal a shit-ton of damage, even his minor spells. Coupled with Lorian’s teleports, this fight is a real mess. The only way to conclude the fight, is to get Lothric to Ohp. For this to happen, you have to focus on attacking Lorian’s back, where Lothric is hanging on. If you get Lorian to Ohp first, Lothric will get off of Lorian’s shoulders, and try to resuscitate him; this takes about 5-odd seconds, so deal as much damage to him as possible at this moment. The resuscitation ends with an AoE magic attack so be wary. Most importantly, use the various pillars in the arena to dodge Lothric’s abilities. However, Lorian’s attacks strike even through the pillars, be aware of that.

Lothric’s weaknesses : Physical.

2. Soul of Cinder :

The final boss of the main story, this is the embodiment of all the players who have linked the fire, and as such, attacks in a way similar to how a regular player might. He is possibly the only boss in the game who actually dodges your attacks, too. Has possibly the best setting in the whole game, in terms of sheer awesomeness.

1st phase : In this phase, Soul of Cinder keeps varying between four weapons; the coiled[straight] sword, magic staff, lance and the curved sword.

  • Coiled Sword : Most of the attacks are slashes which are moderately easy to dodge, but he tends to get stuck in you if he manages to get even one hit in. Occasionally, he uses attacks empowered with fire, so they have a greater range. Use a regular one hit-dodge kind of strategy to deal with the boss.
  • Magic Staff : This is the riskiest part, as the player might get too cocky and attack him too much. The boss has one-shotting capability in this form, but if you conserve your stamina, you shouldn’t have any problems dodging his attacks. He uses frost-type magic attacks to fight you [Homing Soul Arrow etc.]. But at least once in the magic-form, he uses a frost kamehameha  which is easy to dodge[all you have to do is run clockwise or counter-clockwise and into him, in a spiral] but hits like a truck if you get caught. If you get too close, he uses a magical 360-degree sweep attack; you have to roll once to dodge it, but the timing has to be spot-on.
  • Lance : The biggest pain in the fight; he keeps charging at you over and over again, and the attacks are easy to dodge[1-second window] but takes out half your health if you get hit. Once in a while he uses a spinning attack where he spins twice moving in your direction. You can avoid getting hit by the attack if you have enough distance between yourself and the boss. But why is this part a pain? Because he can use a healing spell on himself which gives him back around a quarter of his health, that’s why. I still remember an attempt where I played a perfect game till I got him to about 20% of his health, and he healed like 4 or 5 times. Wasted about 10 Estus Flasks in the end to get him to phase 2.
  • Curved Sword : In this phase, the boss moves real fast, and keeps moving just about all the time. However his attacks don’t hit as hard as his other forms, so there’s that, I guess. Most of his attacks are slashes and spinning slashes, which are somewhat difficult to dodge, mainly because he’s so relentless in this form. He will sometimes somersault away from you and then use a poison AoE attack, or a pyromancy spell, or both. It is helpful to lock the camera on him during this phase, at least, as you may lose him in the poison mist. He will buff up his fire-resistance with a spell, for some reason, as if anyone is going to fight with a fire-based weapon or pyromancy against him.

Soul of Cinder can be staggered, however.

2nd phase : For some reason, the second phase is kind of easier. Soul of Cinder begins to fight like Gwyn from the 1st Dark Souls game. All his attacks require him to charge up, so you can see his attacks from a distance and plan your moves accordingly. His wind-up times and animations give away his intentions clearly. Most of the times, he’ll charge for about a second and jump at you, using a slashing attack, which is easily dodged. Only, once in a while he uses thrust attacks which are fast and somewhat unpredictable. And they chunk your health down by 50% of your max hp. He also uses lightning spears and homing lightning attacks on you. The lightning spears can be dodged easy, but for the homing attack, the idea is different. Wait for a couple of seconds, and when the top quarter of your screen begins to fill with lightning, start rolling around to escape. His strongest attack is one where he charges up for two seconds and then unleashes a vicious combo of fire-sword attacks[whose range is almost as much as that of a crossbow], ending in an AoE fire attack. So when you recognize the animation, just run.

Soul of Cinder is, as expected, resistant to fire-type attacks, so pyromancy users should expect a tougher fight than the others. However, I found him to be somewhat susceptible to lightning-based attacks. Use high fire-resist and physical defense-giving armor to maximize your chances.




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