Season 1 of Gintama did have its flaws, but it was still an endearingly good anime, one you could watch just for some good old laughs. So how does the second season fare, in comparison?

Season 2 continues with more of Gintoki & Co.’s misadventures, and introduces more characters to the show. The anime takes on a more mature style now. Don’t mistake it for lesser humor content, though; the hilarity never ends in Gintama. But some of the episodes are really serious and touching to the heart. Also, in this season, there are a few story arcs, mini-plots which play out over 3-5 episodes. Almost all of these are just awesome to watch, they have all the humor which Gintama is famous for, along with those heartwarming moments I talked of earlier. And the soundtracks along with the theme songs, are much more rad this time around. The background especially, it really gets you going, and always suits the occasion; whether it be a bad-ass action scene or a tragic event.

The main feature of the show, which is comedy and limitless parody, is at an even higher level than in S1, a huge plus. And the show pretty much takes off right from the first episode, as there isn’t any need to be introducing the main characters all over anymore. This introductory part was the reason I felt Gintama was a bit slow off the mark in S1.

For those who’ve watched the first season of Gintama and liked it, you’ll watch S2 anyway. But even those who found the first season to be a bit of a drag, just try out at least the first 6-7 episodes of the second season. If that doesn’t hook you right back in, I don’t rightly know what will.

RATING : 9.3/10


– better soundtracks and themes
– awesome story arcs
– cool new characters
– some touching moments

– animation isn’t a great improvement over the previous season, if you still care about that sort of thing


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