The first book of Daniel Polansky’s Low Town series was a refreshing change from what I’ve been reading these last few months. So, how does the second Low Town book fare in comparison?

Tomorrow The Killing is set about three years after the first book. The Warden is approached by his old commander, General Montgomery, to find his missing daughter. The daughter has made it her objective to find out the secret behind the death of her brother, Ronald Montgomery, a man who was well-celebrated and greatly popular among the soldiers for his actions during the war. About an year and a half after the war, Ronald was found dead near a brothel, but his sister believed that her brother was killed as a part of some cover-up. Now the Warden has to scour the streets of Low Town to find the girl, before Low Town lays claim to her life too.

This book excels in the same way the first book did; the dry humor and sarcasm are served to the readers in liberal doses. The novel is not so much about the mystery, but about Low Town itself. In this way, the sequel is similar to the first book. The narrative really flows, and there is no place where the book ever feels like a drag. But the greatest part of the sequel is the exploration of the Warden’s relationships with Adolphus and Wren. We are also treated to some slices of the protagonist’s wartime experiences, which are brutal and gritty.

All in all, a worthy successor to the first book. The bleak, oppressive atmosphere created by Daniel Polansky will truly grip you to the end of the book, and will most probably compel you to obtain the final book in the trilogy too. At least, it had that effect on me.

RATING : 9.1/10


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