I’ve always liked Jason Statham’s films, I must say. Whether it’s him playing the suave, stylish transporter with his rules, or gunning down mercenary armies as an expendable, or playing an illegal boxing promoter, I’ve never had a shortage of fun in watching his antics. The first Mechanic film was a pretty fun film, which put Jason in the role of a hit-man teaching his trade to one of his victims’ relation. So how does the second iteration fare? Was it worth it?

Arthur Bishop, the ‘mechanic’, has now hung up his tools and lives a secluded life in Rio de Janeiro, blending into the locals. But now, someone manages to hunt him down and offers him one job, which has Bishop killing three men in different continents over a span of half a week. Bishop refuses, and narrowly avoids being captured by the organization in a riveting fight scene. After erasing any traces of his life in Rio, he sifts over to Thailand, where he has a close friend. Within a couple of days, he saves Gina[played by the gorgeous Jessica Alba] from an abusive, violent man. But fast-forward a few hours, he gets tracked down again by the mysterious organization, and Gina is kidnapped in order to force Bishop to comply with their demands. How does Bishop pull off these assassinations? Can he save Gina from the leader of this organization, who seems to have a connection to Bishop’s past life?

                                               Preparing for every contingency is Bishop’s style…

Although I’ve written quite a bit about what makes up the plot, it’s pretty straightforward in its execution, and there is no messing around. The plot is rather weak, but the focus of the movie is Jason Statham’s badassery and the action scenes, and the movie nails them pretty well. Jessica Alba looks great but has little to do in the film, and the antagonist isn’t going to win prizes for best character anytime soon. But as I’ve already iterated, the movie is all about action and it gets the action part right. The assassinations are the coolest part of the film. And the locales, ranging from the sandy beaches of Thailand to the city-life of Sydney to Rio, are all stunningly depicted in the film.

Overall, if you like action films, you will probably like The Mechanic 2 : Resurrection too. But if you want to watch some film which is also ‘smart’, so to speak, look elsewhere.

RATING : 6.7/10

– Jason Statham all the way!
– locales are stunning
– good action scenes

– character development is non-existent
– weak, if not a total lack of, plot




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