After finishing Re:Zero, I began to watch 91 Days, as I knew the anime’s final episode was about to release soon, then. So, was the show worth the watch?

91 Days begins with the protagonist Angelo Lagusa’s family getting assassinated by the mafia to settle a dispute, while Angelo helplessly watches on from his hiding place in a cupboard, and then barely manages to escape the killers. Years later, Angelo receives a letter from an unknown individual, and this prompts him to return to his home town of Lawless for revenge.

The anime is set in the Prohibition-era in America, when mafia made the rules and anyone who thought otherwise were…disposed of with impunity. Illegal sales of liquor were the main sources of income for the mafia families at the time. From the letter, Angelo finds out that the Vancetti family was the one that killed his family, and then sets out to infiltrate the Vancettis, with some help from his childhood friend Corteo.


I always like it when the main character does a Light Yagami…

The anime is so named because the whole story takes place over a span of 91 days, from Angelo’s return to Lawless to its conclusion. The story is pretty good in my opinion, but even better is the plot progression throughout the anime. The way events lead to new developments, and how the fallout of some decisions affects different characters is amazingly well depicted. The whole anime has a dark undertone to it which fits perfectly into the events surrounding Angelo’s circumstances. Well, it’s not Gungrave-level awesome, but it is great nonetheless.

The art style felt somewhat similar to that of Joker Game for me, but that doesn’t take away anything from 91 Days; in fact it is quite the opposite. So no complaints on that front from me. Also, the anime boasts of one of the best opening themes I’ve heard in recent times. And the ending theme is pretty well done as well.

Overall, I would say that if you are a fan of mafia-based films and TV shows, or just like gritty, realistic stuff in general, 91 Days is for you. On the other hand, if you were one of those guys who were made too uncomfortable by shows like True Detective, then look elsewhere.

RATING : 9.1/10

– good story
– solid plot progression
– great character development

– may be a bit too cynical and dark for some viewers


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