E3 2017 – Bethesda Press Conference

E3 2017 – Bethesda Press Conference

It’s been ages since I made a post, and I am more than glad to get back in the game with a Bethesda E3, of all things.

Pete Hines , VP of Bethesda Softworks on stage, gonna be announcing them games we are all going to devour like maniacs.

  1. DOOM VFR is the first on the list, followed by Fallout 4 VR.
  2. Elder Scrolls Online : Morrowind announced, is out already,
  3. Introduction of Creation Club, for creating new game content for Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls : Skyrim.
  4. The Elder Scrolls Legends : Heroes of Skyrim coming out on June 29, 2017. An addition to their CCG which released quite a while back.
  5. Dishonored : Death of the Outsider coming out on August 15, 2017, probably a DLC, unless they’re making it an 8-10 hour long game.
  6. Quake World Championships will be taking place at QuakeCon on August 26, 2017.
  7. The Evil Within 2 has been announced at last, and the game will be releasing on October 13, 2017, which happens to be a Friday, because why not.
  8. Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus has been announced, with a release date of October 27, 2017.

And that’s it for the Bethesda conference folks!


E3 2016 : Bethesda Showcase

E3 2016 : Bethesda Showcase

We all remember how everybody went gaga over Bethesda’s announcement of an E3 showcase last year, and deservedly so. It was one of the best conferences ever then. So how did it go this time?

This conference was presided by Peter Hines, Global VP of PR and Marketing, Bethesda.

Let’s jump straight down to the details.

  • Quake Champions

Tim Willits of id Software announced the making of another sequel to the multiplayer killfest Quake, titled Quake Champions, followed by a reveal trailer. Something to look forward to, and possibly the gameplay trailer may be out the next year. Cool thing about the announcement; unlocked frame rates! Hell yeah!

  • The Elder Scrolls Legends : A Strategy Card Game

A board-type strategy card game based in the Elder Scrolls universe, complete with its own story, will be coming out soon. The reveal trailer, the opening cinematic, reveal a character, Kellen, to be the main protagonist of the game. The beta-testing is now open to all of the public, and the final game will be free-to-play. ESL will also be out on iPhone and Tablet, apart from the expected PC release.

  • Fallout 4

Further updates on the bestselling RPG, and improved construction options for the Sanctuary. “Build your own vault!” is now on for real. Also, user-made mods will now be playable even in Xbox One, and the feature will be available soon in PS4 too. And, the game comes to HTC Vive VR handset in 2017.

  • Fallout Shelter

An update to the fun mobile game which helped us tide over from the last year’s E3 to the release of Fallout 4. New enemies to fight and new characters to interact with in the coming update. PC version scheduled to release in July .

  • Elder Scrolls Special EditionĀ 

The classic RPG will be coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will better graphics in this remastered version.

  • Prey

A new first-person psychological horror game in the works, set in 2032, with the protagonist in a spacecraft, the object of an experiment to evolve humans(?). Apparently even mind-bending abilities are present in the game.

  • DOOM

DOOM snapmap updates soon, with the coming of two new game modes and three new free-for-all type gorefests. And the upcoming release of the first DLC for DOOM, titled “Unto the Evil”. And for those who haven’t yet played the game, the first level is free to try out for a limited time period of one week only. Now rev up those BFGs!

  • The Elder Scrolls Online

Presented by Matt Firor, Game Director, The Elder Scrolls Online

  1. TESO scheduled to be released in Japan on June 30.
  2. ” In Tamriel, no one is safe…especially from us” : The Dark Brotherhood DLC releases tomorrow on consoles.
  3. One Tamriel : no level restrictions once the tutorial is cleared; all areas are free to explore, and free group-making from now on.
  • Bethesda VR

Available for DOOM and Fallout 4, free to try out in the E3 Bethesda stalls.

  • Dishonored 2

Presented by Harvey Smith, Co-Creative Director, Arkane Studios

This was the most important part of the conference. First look of Dishonored 2, followed by the gameplay. The game utilizes Bethesda’s Void Engine for rendering of the classic Victorian environments. Important points include the choice to play as both Emily and Corvo. Emily gets all-new abilities, which have been showcased in the gameplay video, which also shows improved vertical exploration. The game has new skill-trees, but don’t fret Dishonored fans; The Outsider is still there in spirit and flesh(pun intended). And the coolest part of the gameplay video was the mission where the player has to switch between timelines to figure out the puzzles and objectives of a decrepit manor.

The game releases on 11.11.16 on PC,PS4 and Xbox One.

For those collector aficionados, Dishonored 2 : Collector’s Edition will be available but be fast, only limited number of these will be made. The Collector’s Edition includes the replicas of Corvo’s mask and Emily’s ring, along with the regular stuff.

For a limited time period, a free copy of Dishonored : Definitive Edition will be given out on purchase of Dishonored 2.

Most awaited games : Quake Champions, Dishonored 2

X-Factor : Prey


Whew, Bethesda sure knows how to make them conferences!