I haven’t put up any reviews in the last few days. Not without reason, though. For the Broken Empire trilogy has completely taken over my life till now. This will be my first of many more reviews on books that I’m gonna do.

The plot follows the prince of a kingdom Ancrath, one of the hundred pieces of the former empire, and now it is referred to as the broken empire. This empire is situated in Europe, with Vyene as its capital (and heart of the empire). The events chronicle the Prince Honorous Jorg of Ancrath’s journey from an age of, what, ten years, I think?

Anyways, the prince is not a good guy, a trope that seems to have afflicted the fantasy genre like the biblical plague (or is it bubonic? I fail to remember…). The prince, in fact, is a jerk, and not in that lovable kind of way we’re used to. He’s the “kill them, rape their women, set fire to their huts” kind of man. Not the traditional goody two-shoes guy, by any chance. In fact, he is a most ruthless person, willing to sacrifice anything and everything for his success, no holds barred. And his companions are just as ruthless as him, his “road-brothers” he calls them.


Describes Jorg to a T.

When a chance encounter with a foreign prisoner results in Jorg leaving the comforts of the Tall Castle, his home, for a journeyman lifestyle with his road-brothers, little does he know how far his travels would take him, or what atrocities he would perpetrate. What he did know was that he would not rest until he avenged his mother and brother, who were brutally murdered by one of his close relatives. But relation wasn’t something that was going to stop Jorg from revenge. This is how it starts off, the trilogy, but soon it evolves into something much grander in scope. Suffice to say the series gets amazingly crazier as it rockets on forward.

What I’ve noticed from this novel is that Mark Lawrence can really write. The story flows on without any breaks, and his writing style, Jorg’s narrative, is probably famous among his readers for cutting straight through bullshit, like a hot knife through butter. He doesn’t waste any words in unnecessary descriptions, and his story really strikes true to the reader. There isn’t much world-building as such, for those of you who love epic fantasies like Malazan, but the plot is dark as hell, and it really sinks its thorns into you (hehe)and will drag you in. All that black humor will do it to anyone, after all.

Highly readable. Loved this series.

RATING : 9/10

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