This movie, which released in 2003, is a Korean crime/mystery in the vein of Se7en, and is based on the serial killings which took place in South Korea in the late 1980s. Man, this movie gave me the chills, and for that alone, I’m gonna rate this highly among the movies I’ve watched.

The movie starts with the discovery of a young woman who has been killed and hidden in a ditch in the outskirts of the city. Within a few days, another woman is also found in similar circumstances, in a field this time. The local detective who’s taken up the case, Park Doo-man, has not dealt with such a serious case till now, and furthermore he is pained by the fact that all the evidence which has been found, is being tampered with right in front of his very eyes. Him and his partner, Cho Yong-koo, are both jerks of the first order besides, beating confessions out of suspects to “solve” the case.

Det.Seo Tae-yoon arrives from Seoul to assist the local detectives in the case, and Seo is often found viewing Park and his partner with ill-disguised contempt, as they go around torturing innocents, chasing obvious red-herrings and showing their ineptitude in general. Especially Cho, who really loves drop-kicking people. Seo and Park even come to blows every once in a while, and have to be forcefully separated by their chief. But as the murders cease to stop, their desperation to catch the killer takes on a fanatic fervor, and they try every means they can think of to catch the killer, keeping their personal differences aside. Even though they have gotten a few clues regarding the killer’s M.O., they are no closer to apprehending the murderer. How do they catch the murderer? That is the question plaguing the detectives (and the viewers too) as the film nears its conclusion…


                     Yet another messed-up scene in this messed-up movie…

My god, the plot…THE PLOT…this is one of the most depressing movies you could ever watch, and is so intense you’ll probably not blink your eyes for extended periods of time (Don’t do that. Blink your eyes!). Song Kang-ho as the (insert insult here) Det.Park is outstanding in his role. Kim Roi-ha and Seo Hie-ko as the supporting characters Cho and Officer Kwon are great as well. But special mention must be made of Kim Sang-kyung, who plays the role of Det.Seo flawlessly. He is phenomenal in his role, and you really feel as desperate as he is to solve the serial murder case.

The movie is gut-wrenching in its story-telling, and will stay with me for quite some time to come. To make a relation to Hollywood, you could say this movie is like the series True Detective, except even darker, if that is even possible. Recommended for anyone who is not disturbed by violence, as the crime-scenes do get pretty sick to watch, sometimes. The best Korean movie I’ve watched till now, and I’ve watched Oldboy.

RATING : 9.7/10

– great story
– superb acting
– ambience is well-maintained

– too many drop-kicks, lol (you’ll know once you’ve seen it)