Pokemon GO : Getting Pikachu as your starter

Pokemon GO : Getting Pikachu as your starter

So, it has been barely two weeks since Pokemon GO has been released, although it has been only a week or so for the non-US users to get the app officially. But one thing no one can deny is the impact it has made worldwide. But cool things first; how do you catch Pikachu for your starter?

When you start up the game for the very first time, after the sign-in and stuff, you’ll be greeted by a¬†middle-aged¬†geezer named Professor Willow.

After finishing with your character’s attributes, he’ll explain some of the game’s features to you, and then will give you some items and sets you, the trainer, on your journey. First thing to do; get your starter Pokemon, of course!

First up, you’ll be surrounded by the three Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. You can catch any one of these as your starter[just like the Red/Blue days]. But wait, what about Pikachu, huh?

Ignore the three Pokemon if you want Pikachu.

When the three Pokemon appear on your radar for the first time, DO NOT try to catch them, instead walk away from them all. They may repeatedly try to get back in your radar but ignore them. After three or four rounds at this, you’ll at last be greeted by, you guessed it; Pikachu[Easter Eggs hell yes]. Go ahead and catch it. You just got your very first Pokemon.